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The task of having to source and allow Commercial Cleaning Companies to visit your facility has always been an overwhelming experience. The thought of making initial contact with Commercial Cleaning Companies via directories can itself be very costly in both time and money. CleanConnect is a FREE service to you, it costs you nothing to register, nothing to submit your commercial cleaning needs and awarding the cleaning contract.

CleanConnect provides a time-efficient, secure and reliable online process to awarding a contract portal. CleanConnect has taken the hassle out of finding a reputable commercial cleaning company. All Commercial Cleaning Companies are put through a mandatory prerequisite requirement, which they must comply with before CleanConnect approves their registration.

Mandatory Pre-requisites include:
  • A company with an ACN or ABN
  • Provide current Certificate of Public Liability
  • Provide current Workers Compensation Certificate
  • All staff must wear uniform and display or carry photo id
  • Provide 3 current references
  • Valid comany website

Non Mandatory Pre-requisites, show case contractors creditably:

  • Member with any Associations
  • Quality Management System (AS/NZS ISO 9001)
  • Occupational Health & Safety System (AS/NZS 4801)
  • Environmental Management System (AS/NZS 14001)

CleanConnect will provide you with a full comprehensive Facility Scope of Works for you to complete at your own pace, The Scope of Works is so user friendly and easy to complete by ticking the appropriate boxes. Once completed, there will be additional information opportunities to assist with your request, such as uploading of site maps, images and important additional comments that forms part of your process.

From that point onwards, you sit back and wait for commercial cleaning companies to respond with their best competitive proposal. Finally, you review, shortlist and award the contract to your preferred Commercial Cleaning Company. Once you award the contract, both parties will then complete the hand over stage by signing off the contract & details will be exchanged.

Why use CleanConnect?

  • FREE Registration, FREE to participate and FREE to award a contract.
  • Saving time, resources and money
  • Convenient, secure, reliable and innovative
  • Designed to simulate a real life online Tender environment for any size company
  • Easy to complete step by step Client Facility Scope of Works for General Tenders
  • Ability to upload Tender document for Corporate Tenders.
  • Connect with pre-qualified Commercial Cleaning Companies.
  • View competitive proposals through your CleanConnect LIVE Submission Page.
  • Suitable for Sole traders to multi-national corporations to all levels of government.
  • One stop site tendering solution system designed specifically for the Cleaning Industry.
  • Saving time, resources and money.

The Importance of a Clean Workplace environment.

  1. A clean hygienic facility gives building occupants a visual comfort and reduces potential risk.
  2. Improves indoor air quality and the risk associated with dust and bacteria on surfaces
  3. Reduces absenteeism in the workplace
  4. A reduction in the probability of illness, which can positively impact the cost, associated with workers absent and present in the workplace.
  5. Improve relations between employer and employee
  6. Increase productivity levels with a clean working environment
  7. Better health in the workplace leads to a more competitive workforce.
  8. Customers value cleanliness, when deciding to do business with an establishment
  9. Dirty facilities can create risk such as slips and falls, leading to higher insurance and legal costs.
  10. Cleanliness of a facility is a number driver of customer satisfaction
  11. Dirty rest rooms cost businesses lost sales, customer referrals and repeat business.
  12. Cleaning plays a significant role in extending asset life cycles and increasing return on investment.
  13. A clean facility can reduce the spread of illness, thus reducing health related costs.
  14. Effective cleaning and disinfection will decrease the number of environmental pathogens and reduce risk of transmission and potential infections.