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CleanConnect provides your organisation with a fully featured instant Respond to Tender solution. A securely hosted service, CleanConnect system requires no internal implementation - just a web browser and access to the Internet. All information obtained from both parties is treated with strict confidence and only the parties involved in the individual tender would be privy to both Client and Cleaning Company proposal.

CleanConnect’s unique function is the efficient algorithm, which is delivered in a user-friendly interactive online web platform that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our users.

It’s time for reputable and credible Commercial Cleaning Companies to be noticed and stand out from the rest of the crowd, the industry is facing heavy scrutiny and all Cleaning Companies have been tarnished with the same brush. CleanConnect will ease your pain and allow you to put your company name on the line in the name of being credible and compliant.

To register with CleanConnect, you will be prompted to complete a simple but effective registration process ensuring all Cleaning Companies are compliant and have a high standard of reputation and service. Once you’ve registered, you will be asked a few questions to ensure your Company fits within CleanConnect’s mandatory pre-requisites.

Mandatory Pre-requisites include:
  • Staff Unformed with photo ID at all times
  • Provide current Workers comp & Public liability Insurances
  • References
Non-Mandatory Pre-requisites, Show case your creditably:
  • Member with any Associations
  • Quality Management System (AS/NZS ISO 9001)
  • Occupational Health & Safety System (AS/NZS 4801)
  • Environmental Management System (AS/NZS 14001)

Eliminating the Rat Race

Think of the resources utilised to sign up a client for a minimum 12 months cleaning contract. A Telemarketer making numerous phone calls, cold calls all day and all week, or your highly decorated Sales Executive or BDM making the calls. Statistics prove that on average you must make at least 20 calls to gain 1 appointment. Once appointments have been secured, a list of endless expenses, time and effort is many a time wasted in the following segments;

  • Car Expenses
  • Travel
  • Appointment time including on site walk through
  • Complying Facility Sheets and scope of works
  • Checking and cross checking inclusions and exclusions
  • Complying presentations
  • Follow up process, which can take months

And if the proposal is unsuccessful, the entire process is deemed as a complete waste of time and resources.

CleanConnect has the Solution

With CleanConnect, you have the opportunity to compete for clients business and cleaning Contracts in a fair and neutral LIVE online and secured environment. Our unique system allows you to be matched to clients from all over Australia from various industries and respond to tender requests knowing very well the client is looking for quality Commercial Cleaning Companies who provide exceptional service to clean their facility. No More Rat Race!!

Why use CleanConnect?
  • Convenient, secure, reliable and innovative
  • FREE Registration, FREE to Participate, Pay a Fee ONLY if Awarded a Contract
  • Designed to simulate a real life LIVE online Tender environment
  • Preview & Participate in Live Tenders...your choice.
  • Able to view Client Facility Scope of Works online.
  • Participate in General and Corporate Tenders in one convenient and secured location.
  • Connect with qualified Clients ready to engage in a contract with you.
  • Exposure to an Australia wide network of Clients.
  • One stop site tendering solution system designed specifically for the Cleaning Industry.
  • Saving your company time, resources and money.
  • View LIVE Tenders through your dedicated Company Profile Page.


The future in sourcing new cleaning business starts with CleanConnect