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A person, business or company which is not registered as a Commercial Cleaning Company, a service provider or supplier to the Cleaning Industry.

CleanConnect is an online tendering site which facilitates and connects a Client and a Commercial Cleaning Company in one neutral and secure location. CleanConnect has provided users the tools, systems and capabilities for Clients to Request For Tenders and for Commercial Cleaning Companies to Respond To Tenders in the aim of Securing and Awarding a Cleaning Contract 100% online.

Please view CleanConnect video by visiting the "Home page " or "How it Works Page” to provide you a better insight to CleanConnect.

Client seeking to Tender their Commercial Cleaning needs and Award a Cleaning Contract to a cleaning company.

  • FREE to register,
  • FREE to Request for Tender (RFT) and
  • FREE to award a cleaning contract

CleanConnect is a facilitator to attract the best and most reputable Commercial Cleaning Companies the industry has to offer.

We have set minimum standards and requirements, which Commercial Cleaning Companies must provide and adhere to enable them to register with CleanConnect,

CleanConect will check all applications to ensure sure all documents are correct before the account is activated. The minimum standards and requirements for Commercial Cleaning Companies to Register and Participate in Tenders with CleanConnect are;
  • Staff or Contractors must wear uniform while on site
  • Staff or Contractors must display or carry photo ID while on site
  • Provide Product & Public Liability Insurance as required by law
  • Provide Workers Compensation as required by law
  • Provide ISO Credential Certificates
  • Provide 3 current references on client’s letterhead.

Commercial Cleaning Companies will be required to update the above requirements in their dedicated profile pages. The Client will be able to see these credentials only during the tender process.

CleanConnect will provide an ID Number to the Client & Cleaning Company after Registration. The ID Number will be your identification, this will be used during Forum discussions, submitting a tender or participating in a tender. Your ID number cannot be shared or disclosed to anyone else.

Yes, CleanConnect does not share information with third party companies. CleanConnect site posses a secure SSL Certificate

Our Code of Conduct strictly prohibits any communication outside the CleanConnect website, you must report this immediately.

Only time contact is permissible outside of CleanConnect is when a Client has awarded the cleaning contract and Handover stage is completed

Communication must take place and happen within the CleanConnect website. CleanConnect has given Clients and Commercial Cleaning Companies access to Public and Private Forums where questions can be asked and answered relating to the Tender, which both parties are participating in.

Any contact outside the CleanConnect website is a breach of CleanConnect Code Of Conduct and Terms and Conditions and failure to comply will result in the Client and / or Commercial Cleaning Company registration to be terminated.

For further information relating to communication please read CleanConnect Code Of Conduct, Terms and Condition and Privacy policy which can all be found on our website.

Each tender& scope of works can be viewed publicly through the CleanConnect site. This allows the cleaning Companies to read and ask questions before they participate in the Tender. All Q & A’s will be noted under each particular tender for cleaning companies to read.

After a Cleaning Company has participated in a Tender, the discussion then becomes private between the client and the Cleaning Company. This is when both, client and cleaning company can have a direct discussion related to the Tender without public reading.

CleanConnect has a strict policy about sharing / or Disclosing any company details, personal contact detail or address’s. This will result in a breach of CleanConnect’s code of conduct and terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in the Client and / or Commercial Cleaning Company’s registration to be terminated. CleanConnect has access to all Public & Private Forums.

For further information relating to communication please read CleanConnect’s Code Of Conduct, Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy which can all be found on our website.

The only time any personal information is disclosed or shared to the other party is only after the following,For further information regarding communication and ethics during the tender process ,please read CleanConnect "Code of Conduct"  

  • Client has awarded the cleaning contract
  • Both party signed the contract and
  • Hand over is then completed.

Once the 3 above point are completed then CleanConnect will disclose the information to both parties.

General Tender process runs over 4 stages.
  • Live Submissions Stage - 5 days

    (This period can decreased if Client received the max number of submissions/Quotes requested prior to 5 days time ending)

  • Shortlisting Stage - 48 hours

    (Additional 24 hour grace period is provided if shortlisting has not occurred within the first 48 hours)

  • Awarding Contract Stage - 48 hours

    (Additional 24 hour grace period is provided if awarding a contract has not occurred within the first 48 hours)

  • Final Hand Over Stage

    (This is when both party sign the contract & Company details are exchanged)

Clients can Shortlist Cleaning Companies or Award the Contract to the successful Cleaning Company at anytime during the allocated time period and is not required to wait until the 48 hour period has lapsed. Successful Commercial Cleaning Companies will progress through to the 3 stages with the most competitive proposal chosen by the client and Awarding the Cleaning Contract.

Clients who register for Corporate Tenders will have an option to complete

  • CleanConnect scope of works or
  • Upload own Tender Documents

Also be able to set their own Tender start date, Short Listing and Awarding Contract parameters.

Client Facility Scope of Works is a template created and designed by CleanConnect, which covers the various areas of a Clients facility.

Clients will simply click and select the areas of their facility which are required to be serviced and inturn will allow Commercial Cleaning Companies to fully understand the Clients facility needs and requirements and put forward the most competitive proposals.

It's very simple and easy to use saving both the Client and Commercial Cleaning Company time resources and money.

It will depend on the size of your facility; on average it should take approximately 15 to 20 mins.

Client personal details will be protected and not available during the tendering stages.Meaning company or business name, address, phone, email and contact details will not be disclosed during the Tender Stages. The only time client details are disclosed & contact between the 2 parties is permitted, is when the client awards the cleaning contract & hand over stage is complete. For further information regarding communication and ethics during the tender process please read CleanConnect "Code of Conduct"

Yes. A Client can view full Commercial Cleaning Company profile and credentials during Live Submission, Short Listing and Awarding Contract stage. Any further information required or needed by the Client or Cleaning Company relating to the particular Tender must be communicated using the Private Forum function. For further information regarding communication and ethics during the tender process please read CleanConnect "Code of Conduct

CleanConnect aims to provide Commercial Cleaning Companies and Clients with one neutral and secure online location to access the most sought after cleaning contracts available in the market. CleanConnect will save both the Client and Commercial Cleaning Company time, resources and money; CleanConnect will change the way you source, secure and award cleaning contracts in the future. Please also visit our "Client" and "Commercial Cleaning Company Information" pages on our website to read more about the Benefits of using CleanConnect.

The Client does not require site inspections. CleanConnect has provided the client with a comprehensive Facility Scope of Works template. The Client will complete the detailed Client Facility Scope of Works and include any notes, documents, or photos, which may be relevant to the Commercial Cleaning Company before submitting Response to Tender. Commercial Cleaning Companies will have access to Public and Private Forums for further communication and clarification with the client concerning a particular Tender before their Submission.

Yes, General Tenders have a live submission period of 5 days or when the number of submissions/Quotes requested by the Client has been reached. The Client can request maximum of 15 submissions to be received.

The Live Tender will conclude whenever the following falls first in the General Tender

  • 5 Days Live Submission Stage is over or
  • Maximum Submission/Quotes request is reached

Once one of the above is reached, Commercial Cleaning Company cannot participate in the tender. Corporate Tender time limit will vary from Client to Client and will be determined by the Client based on Tender settings requested and completed.

CleanConnect supports Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome & Safari and Internet Browsers

CleanConnect highly recommends the use of PC's and Laptops to receive the full benefits and efficiencies of Tendering online with CleanConnect. Website navigation, information and Email Tender Alerts can still be received and viewed on Smart Phones, Android and tablet applications.

Yes. A Client has the option to withdraw and cancel a Request For Tender at any time. All Commercial Cleaning Companies who have submitted a response to the particular Tender in question will be notified by email accordingly. A Client may on another occasion Request For Tenders again.

CleanConnect has been designed and caters for all size Businesses and Companies.

If a Client is not satisfied with the services provided by your existing Cleaning Company you have the option to terminate your Cleaning Contract. Please check & read your contract before terminating your agreement with your existing Cleaning Company to ensure you are not breaching your contract and agreement.

CleanConnect will alert all Registered and matched Commercial Cleaning Companies via email when new Tenders have been posted to go live. It will be the Commercial Cleaning Company's responsibility to Respond To Tender before the close date or number of submissions requested has been reached.

No, CleanConnect has given the Client and Commercial Cleaning Company the tools, systems and processes in place to ensure that the Client Facility scope of works can be clearly read and understood by the Commercial Cleaning Company before final pricing is submitted. However we understand that sometimes information and Client details can be misread and misunderstood and that a Commercial Cleaning Company may require the use of the Public Forum to firstly clarify the Client facility needs and requirements before submitting final response.

Yes, CleanConnect is designed to service all Australian States and Territories, however CleanConnect cannot guarantee which and how many Commercial Cleaning Company will respond to your Request for Tenders.

CleanConnect has provided Clients the option to select their facility to be cleaned during;

  • Business Hours
  • After Business Hours
  • During Business and After Hours

There are areas in the Facility Scope of Works where clients can add additional work if not stated in the Facility Scope of Work

The following file formats are supported by our system using pdf, png, jpg, docx, xlsx, pptx

The following image formats are supported by our system usingJpgand png

Yes they can, the multiple sites will be submitted under the one tender, however the information will be shown separately for each site.

Document: Maximum of 50mb for each upload
Image: Maximum of 50mb for each upload